My Bike Is Sick!

I almost completed my ride this morning and barely made it back home. For whatever the reason, the gearing system went nuts! It was jumping from sprocket to sprocket, causing me to get much less power to the ground. I had to walk the bike the remaining few hundreds of feet to my front door. This bike is new, and under warranty (awesome).

So I rolled the bike into the bed of my new truck (also awesome) and took her to the bicycle hospital. The nice British man whom sold me the bike (this is not a Wal Mart bike) seemed to know what the scoop was with the gearing system of which I have zero doubt he does. The store was abuzz with customers, I told him tomorrow is fine.

He actually seemed relieved at my suggestion which I understand. No hurry, no worries! But I’ve got to get my fat bum on that bike more, and seriously need to start using the gym facilities here. It’s so easy to set on the couch. I really don’t like the idea of becoming a seriously heavy couch potato! Would you ride your bike in our desert temps?

Clouds Of Copper?

These photos were taken from my patio yesterday as the sun was settling below the mountains for the day. I used the Nikon with my favourite lens, the Nikkor 70-300mm lens. Pretty much my go-to lens these days. I have several images coming up later today from a quick bike ride using the iPhone7.

Having my Nikon slung around my sweaty neck while riding the bike isn’t a comfortable thing really, especially when the air temperature is just over ninety degrees!