I Am A Conservative American

I am not ashamed at all to tell you that I am not only very far Right Wing and ultra conservative, and also follow President Trump and other Pro American accounts on Instagram and other websites. The United States as it is today is simply not the United States that I remember from my childhood. You know, those mornings when we placed our hand over our heart and pledged allegiance to our beautiful American flag and the Republic for which it stands?

Our nation is not a Democracy.

We are a Republic. There is a difference. A difference that has at this point in my life has me wondering why we left England. But that is of course an entirely different post and political discussion. Regardless, I have felt a very deep connection to England for many years now.

And taking into consideration the last few weeks with the city of Manchester and now London, my heart truly weeps for what I believe to be my native country. My research into family lines confirms this. As an American, I am not ashamed to say in this public venue, God bless England and her Queen. Our two countries shall never cow to these evil entities.

Oopa Loopa!

Scanning the telly channels today I came across this old classic as it was near being over. I did a little research as I always do, to see who might be on Instagram. I found Veruca Salt on Instagram. She looks very different as do I, being from the sixties! Time has been kind to her, not so much to me! Anyway, these dudes still make me laugh all these years later! Via iPhone seven!

Return Of The Justify Button

Since the upgrade to the WordPress Business plan, I’ve taken advantage of the ability to add Plugins to the site. So far, I have installed fourteen plugins for various uses such as the weather widget and a few other widgets as well as modifications to some of the other pages. the most recent install was today of the TinyMCE plugin.

This plugin returns or allows you to install many extra features into your Admin Dash panel. It works in either editor but I always prefer the Legacy Admin Panel, if it works, then by golly don’t try to fix it! It will be nice to have the Justify button back as well, an end to having to manually insert the HTML to justify paragraphs.

This change has been both a pain in my ass and a blessing too in a few ways….

In other really exciting news from me (hehe), I might be pumping out more posts this month due to funds. Travel funds. I knew before ceasing employment at my last job that the funds for travel could take a hit, and that has happened this month. I’m not gonna starve but my trips will be very localised, maybe down to the Strip with the Nikon.

I’ll possibly look for another part time job, but not a job that has a verbally abusive employer like the last time. Peckerhead. But let’s not be negative! I checked on a very local business yesterday within walking distance but was stopped dead in my online tracks when the company asked for my SSN. in an online job application!

How ludicrous. A SSN has no bearing on an initial job application, that comes later. And these days, it seems most employers force prospective employees to start the job application process online. Dumb as a box of rocks.  But let’s not be negative! In the mean time all is well. Count your blessings, every single day!! Hey, that button really works!

Shadows & Light

Maybe this is a silly photo of a shadow on my living room wall this morning but it looked a bit abstract to me. Almost like a human form radiating from within the apartment wall! Scary! For whatever the reason, I seem to see photo ops everywhere… Or, I’m just a weirdo with a camera!

A WordPress Legacy

Recently I’ve made some comments about the difficulties I’ve encountered since making the change from a WordPress Premium plan to the Business Plan. I need to apologise for my attitude when I made some of those comments. I have been using WordPress well long enough to remember a time when the ‘new and improved’ editor did not exist, the Legacy editor as WordPress big shots seem to refer to it as, was the only one available. Nice!

During the latest round of emails with the WordPress team concerning certain aspects of the site not working properly, I mentioned to the person that I strongly dislike the ‘new’ editor. I was asked to provide a few reasons why I dislike it. Trust me, I pounced on the chance to give forth my thoughts! I wasn’t rude, wasn’t a jerk about it. Serves no purpose. I gave them three reasons why I dislike it so much. I suggested that they toss this new editor in the trash in so many words, and begin fine tuning the Legacy editor instead.

So then, why?

  1. The colour scheme, it’s fugly.
  2. The buttons/links. They are not clearly displayed which hinders navigation.
  3. It’s absolutely no faster than the Legacy editor. Period.

Basically, it’s a fail from my perspective. The old saying is still true – if it works, don’t fix it! I told the person that I sincerely hope that the new editor goes away, and that it’s amazing to me that a company such as WordPress which now claims to host around twenty percent of all sites on the internet, has such a hokey pokey editor and admin panel. It’s bipolar, there are two versions of it at the same time. Does this mean that WordPress is Bipolar? Kidding!

Side note: I no longer can get any video to upload via the Legacy editor regardless of size. Grrr.