Spider Webs

I clicked these photos with the iPhone7 this morning on my walk around my complex. When I first saw them, the idea of black and white popped right into my head which adds to the creepy effect. Apparently, this small storage unit has not been used in a very long time, and the door has a sheetrock screw through it into the door frame too. Nice touch. No apartment complex can be perfect due to the transient nature of them but the management team could do better here. My apartment is in great shape though, it’s been a nice place to live hence I signed on for one more year. No plans to leave Las Vegas anytime soon.

Well, I finally had to click the Air Conditioning on. It’s heading for 102 degrees this afternoon and when I got back from my morning walk, the apartment seemed way too stuffy so click! I can almost hear the money flowing out of my wallet! Just kidding but the electric bill will go from between thirty and fifty dollars for the month, to around one hundred twenty five dollars. Yuck. But it’s too bloody hit to not use the system. Oh, The Weather Channel just popped the seven day forecast up on my toob, over one hundred degrees every day in a row now. Las Vegas summer has finally returned!!

On another note regarding my site – I very much like the WordPress Business plan. It’s been very nice trying new themes, I’ve chose one and like it but still try others. What I dislike is the fact that people are not visiting the site nearly as much to comment or Like as they can’t always find it in the Reader thingy. I never use that thingy. The good folks at WordPress have done as much as they can to make the site visible but there is a glitch that they are aware  of. That glitch happens when a site is moved from the so-called Premium plan, to the Business plan. Suddenly, many of your followers can’t see you in that Reader thingy.

Lovely isn’t it? My site is still getting plenty of views but many people aren’t here anymore. My advice? Don’t sign up for the Business plan unless you have to. I had too. It was either start deleting content like crazy, and I have over one thousand posts, or change the plan. All of this stems from the fact that WordPress no longer allows individual storage space upgrades. I’m a bit torqued on this particular point. I brought it up during one of the many Chat sessions I’ve had recently in trying to get the site back on track. He didn’t see the problem. i gave him my thoughts. It’s terribly greedy and plain old wrong to back site owners into a corner like this.

They don’t care about this aspect, anymore than they care about the two different Editors. I brought that up too, apparently there won’t be any changes to that in the near future. Amazing to me that WordPress now handles around twenty percent of the websites on the internet today, yet they can’t fix these issues. I’ve looked at other blog platforms, those interfaces don’t have dual personalities. Go figure. And sorry about the rant, didn’t mean to go on one. But I’m a bit too passionate or something about blogging. It’s been a great hobby for me for so many years. The Business plan is too costly. It’s cost me viewers too.