It Just Burns My Biscuits…

Several months ago I had to pay the yearly registration for the Nissan I was driving until recently. Since taking delivery of my awesome new pickemup, I’ve been driving on a temporary license tag, the usual thing in many states I suppose. Well, I finally received the phone call from the dealer today, telling me I can come get the paperwork from the DMV. The DMV is called the Secretary Of  State in Michigan by the way.

I did go to the nearest DMV office today but was told I had the incorrect proof of insurance card, it wasn’t valid for almost two weeks, and I didn’t have a current card on board. So I went home and decide to try to do this online again, I’d had some issues earlier today that stopped me from completing the process. Well, this attempt was successful and I finally have my real license plate back on board.

But what a shocker it was to find out at the end of the process that I once again had to pay the full one year fee! Apparently, Nevada doesn’t know what Proration is. Once again I had to fork over just a tiny bit under five hundred dollars to re-register my new truck. Nevada is a bloody expensive state to own your own transportation. The list of state and a myriad of other taxes and fees on the sheet I printed for my records was ludicrous. It’s amazing how many ways the state has to drill ever deeper into your pocket.

Las Vegas is a huge city with just over two million residents today. As just one example of costs here, the CCSD (Clark County School District) has an operating budget of $3,690,294,998. Holy smokaronis! So then, who are the cash cows in Las Vegas Valley? hmmm… Photo by iPhone7

Canadian National Railway

My friend Dave back home in Michigan sent me this photo yesterday. It’s a railway maintenance machine on the Siding, in front of the Amtrak Depot in my home town. Yeah, it’s horridly over processed! But it’s all I have this morning. Today is that big fun day of the month – pay the bills day. Hmmm, will I have enough left over to eat and fuel that nice new truck of mine which has a big appetite?

I think so. I hope so! My taxes are paid quarterly. You’ve GOT to know how to budget! Everyone should know how to budget their cash flow. I’ve seen over the years how people’s lives come apart for lack of financial management skills. Sadly, I think the public school systems stopped teaching these basic skills around the time I graduated high school in 1979. Yeah, I’m older.

But truly wiser! Maybe the schools didn’t stop this, that’s more of a guess really. I hope I’m wrong. These skills should be taught by the parent(s) don’t you think? Our public schools in America are these days an indoctrination station, teaching hard core liberalism to young, soft skulls of mushy gray matter.

Brainwashed? Perhaps. Educated? Maybe. College? So many professors in our colleges these days need to be kicked to the curb for their hardcore liberalism. That mindset has no place in a free society. Hey Hollywood liberals, you listening?? I never went to college! OK, done. Sorry for the goofy rant…