Two Hundred Million Years Ago

You are viewing an ancient sea floor that once was a shallow sea that covered the Las Vegas Valley and our Great Basin. I took a quick walk mid morning today and tried a different path which took me down into a very large wash. The wash has been chewing away at this wall of ancient sea floor for a very long time obviously, gradually exposing the many layers of sedimentation. photos were taken with the iPhone7 then I tried to clean them up a bit on the Mac. Geologically, Las Vegas is a geologic wonder! Click a photo for a look..

A Desert Plant

But not the kind that grows and dies… Photo from yesterday heading north on the fifteen freeway. Note how tiny the trains look. Not sure what is being done here, perhaps Gypsum mining. We have several Gypsum mines in the area. I suppose this plant will die one day too, when the Gypsum runs out…