The Goofy Four

More goofy funzzies with the iPad Air and Photoscape X this eve. Bored!! Not the usual fare for this site… And I feel a bit odd posting something like this but what the hell… Be thy self, I am goof. ?

Road Closed!

This is actually Las Vegas Boulevard but many miles south of the city obviously. The road runs most of the way to the California-Nevada line from Las Vegas but just turns to desert at one point. It does run through the town of Jean, Nevada and further south several miles before ending.

Las Vegas Boulevard is named as such in Primm, at the state line though. Too bad the road doesn’t go the full distance which is over forty miles, it’s a much nicer drive than the fifteen freeway it straddles most of the way. The bright light or dot to the left in the photo is one of three collector towers at the Ivanpah Solar Plant, just across the border in San Bernardino County, California.