Bonnie & Clyde Died…

I took a fairly short trip south to Primm, Nevada today, sometimes called State Line as well. Just a couple casinos on either side of the fifteen freeway. They aren’t nearly as classy as the big casinos on the Vegas Strip but they are still nice. I hit Whiskey Pete’s first, on the west side of the freeway which is where I snapped these photos with the iPhone7. Photography is generally frowned upon harshly in the casinos, I’ve been asked to remove photos from my phone a few years ago. But photographing this actual car that Bonnie & Clyde died in was OK as it was just away from the casino a bit. These two were a couple of serious assholes, they deserved what they got…

Next, I hit Buffalo Bill’s on the other side of the fifteen. I think it’s a bit nicer than Whiskey Pete’s. More photos to come via the Nikon in the next post, I wanted to get this set up on the site today since I’ve been busy all day dealing with my new truck, it needed a little help with it’s balance. Nah, it didn’t tip over! On the way south to Primm, it was hard to miss the fact that the wheels and tires were very badly out of balance! Above sixty five miles per hour, the truck damn near vibrated my Nikon off the seat! I decided to take it to the dealer today rather than tomorrow to get this dealt with. I had to go there anyway to resign the papers on the purchase.

The finance guy found me a better interest rate via a credit union and lowered my monthly payment by about one dollar and fifty cents per month. Wow. I told the guy hey, let’s hit the Strip! It’s all good though, and I love my new truck! Well worth the seventy five dollars more per month in payments, and just a sixteen dollar per month increase in my auto insurance! Best decision I’ve made lately really… On the way home heading south on the two fifteen freeway, I took the truck briefly to just over seventy miles per hour (illegal speed on this freeway). The vibration has been at least ninety five percent removed which is great since I plan on road tripping. Anyway, here are the photos…

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