Enjoying my morning coffee and Doctor Who on the BBC this morning, why not make another crazy photo! This image does nothing for my complexion haha!! Wishing you a fine day in your world.

Photo via my iPad Air and iColorama


Photo enhanced with iColorama

A bit odd, I snapped this photo with the reverse camera lens on my iPhone in total darkness last night. I’ve had to wear a CPAP Mask since 2011 because of my horrid snoring and heart disease. Actually, you become very used to having the mask strapped to your brain every night. I wake up feeling much better because of the technology.

My machine needed replacement a few weeks ago to the tune of $925.00 big American dollars. The old machine simply quit. it just croaked, leaving me in a pickle jar. Fortunately, we have a really nice CPAP store a few minutes drive from me on Sahara Avenue. Fortunately, i had the funds for the purchase! The new machine is far advanced from the old unit which provided just one level of air pressure, the new unit adjusts to the needed pressure.

It adjusts automatically to the correct pressure to keep your throat open, that pressure isn’t always the same from day to day. I don’t know how it works but I’m very grateful for the technology as it has made my sleep so much better. I originally had the needed sleep test, where a jillion wires are glued to your skull. That totally sucked!

My now ex wife insisted I get the mask so that she could get some sleep! I guess I should thank her at this point for insisting since the device has improved my life so much over the years, in spite of the serious indentations the mask straps put on your skin which take about two hours to fade away. Every day. Would you like to go to work or the grocer in the morning looking like that? Trust me, you get beyond the self conscience-ness of that.