Free Parking?

I was once again considering driving down to the Strip to get something different with the Nikon but what has basically killed my trips down there is the fact that most of the big casinos/hotels are now charging everyone for parking. Some hotels apparently offer free parking for locals if they scan their Nevada drivers license. Whatever. I am not comfortable with doing that!

I must have read dozens upon dozens of comments after reading a particular article from a local online newspaper, the comments were roughly all the same. Greed. Just pure greed. The casinos say they need the parking fees to help maintain the parking structures.

I say that’s bullshit – these establishments make millions. Again, it’s a bad case of corporate greed.

Lets say a customer flies into Las Vegas to gamble. He or she has a limited amount of cash to spend which is of course normal. He/she blows several hundred dollars and looses it to the casino. After this, he/she must fork out ten or more dollars to get the car out of jail? Greed. As a local, I rarely visit the Strip, it’s just too crazy down there.

But I too am now forced to pay for parking? That’s bullshit. It would be really nice to learn someday that this parking fee has had a negative backlash on the casinos, and they restore the free parking for everyone. Parking has always been gratis and should remain that way.

I don’t care about the fact that some people leave their car at a casino and take a cab to the airport, the cab fee is much less than the parking fee at our McCarran International Airport. Average Joe consumer is already paying too much for so many things in our lives including things like $100+ per month cable TV bills and such. Corporate America, corporate greed.

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