Mount Charleston Living

Whilst this is a very pretty picture of a fine home at about 8000 foot in our beautiful Spring Mountain Range, I’m not so sure I’d want to be in that house when the next Earthquake strikes. To date, I’ve never felt a tremor or actual quake in my four years here among these beautiful mountains but as with a hurricane, it’s not a matter of if, but rather when this will come. Not to sound negative of course! I forgetted my Nikon today so the tiny iPhone lens tried to fill in… Click the photo.

Ghostly Speed Sign

This weird photo was snapped with my iPhone7 using the ProCamera application on the way down from Mount Charleston. The app sometimes very quickly takes two photos to try for an HDR effect which resulted in this sort of ghostly looking photo. A glitch in the app or not, it looks kind of kewl…

Cruising With The New Truck

I was up and out the door early today to give the new truck a try on Mount Charleston. I’ve likely mentioned before that my previous car had a CVT type transmission. I suspected that this simple ‘belt drive’ transmission wasn’t able to handle the climbing as it allowed the engine RPM to go well over what it normally should be.

Turns out my suspicions were correct. The truck has a standard six speed automatic transmission which performed flawlessly at all altitudes today and didn’t allow the engine to run at an excessive RPM at any time. No more CVT transmissions or what I see as foreign cars or trucks. It was well worth the hassle of price haggling yesterday to get the truck price down to where I believe it should be.