Truck Gauges

Well, it took all damn day almost but I finally was able to cut a deal on a brand new pickup truck! I’ve been wanting to get out of the Nissan I’ve had for three years for a good bit now. My ex and I purchased that SUV here in Las Vegas in 2014 for a traveling car, just for that purpose yet the divorce left her with a paid-off car and I with a payment. Whatever…

OK, if I must make a damned monthly payment it should damn well be a pickup truck which I’ve been wanting to get into for several weeks now. Previous to 1998, I drove pickup trucks exclusively. The yearning for the pickup life has been strong in me the last several months. This was one hell of a bartering process today too.

The truck I purchased had set on the dealer’s lot for an extended period of time due to one specific reason as far as I can tell. No carpeting. This truck is not a true Work Truck like the one I owned in 1998, which had no power windows and no power door locks. It had a rubber floor mat as does my new truck, a quality I very much sought after.

That older truck also had the same engine as my new truck which is a 4.3 litre V-6 engine, I had assumed that general Motors had ceased production of this wonderful power plant with it’s 222 cubic inch (or so) engine. Basically, this engine is roughly the same as a 305 cubic inc V-8, or small-block engine sans two cylinders. A solid engine.

The truck has power windows and door locks which makes sense and is really nice. Those two extra cylinders were a very welcome experience today on the drive home. By the way, yesterday I purchased four new tires for the older car. I had no idea I’d purchase a new truck today.

I did this on a total and complete whim, hey, why not try the other dealer at the north end of the valley? I told the sales manager that I’d like him to include the $600 dollars I’d spent on those tires which he did. Value added… All in all, I believe I got a square deal after going back and forth over the final payments price, the interest percentage and other aspects of the purchase deal no less than four times. I’m not that easy… Photos tomorrow possibly.

But I’m very interested in how this actually ‘geared’ transmission and V-6 will perform whilst climbing our lovely Mount Charleston, hence I might very well take the new truck up the mountain tomorrow. My salesman Andrew and I chatted about the CVT Transmission the Nissan had, he had one of those in a previous car. I asked him if he understood how those transmissions work? He hates the CVT.

I explained that these transmissions are basically the same as what most snowmobiles use. Yes, a simple snowmobile. I’m a Yank from Michigan and grew up sledding. I fully understand the physics of these simple transmissions yet of course the Auto version is a bit more complicated.

With your average snowmobile transmission, you have a Clutch and a Torque Converter. The Clutch grabs the rubber drive belt and squeezes it downward, forcing the rubber belt downward also which in turn spins the Drive Tines to spin the rubber track on the snow. So damn simple. Yet that CVT Transmission is basically the same animal.

With a good bit more technology tossed in for poor measure, cars are far too complex today. In any case, I’m so very happy to trade away that variable speed transmission for the real thing, there’s no replacing the actual Geared Transmission. Better power transfer, and much better dependability. So then, have I bored you to death yet!! More tomorrow.

New Day, New Mug!

I wanted a bit more coffee in my mug than the old one could handle so I purchased this attractive mug yesterday! After four years of life here in Las Vegas, I can safely say I love my adopted state and city!