Putting Shoes On

I snapped this photo today in Laughlin at the Colorado River. Such a nice husband helping his wife dry and shoe her feet after a chilly dip in the Colorado River! I have seven posts lined up for the next day or so from this day trip which started out as an overnighter in Needles, California. I made the run down to Needles but was not impressed.

No nearly enough to grab a room for the night. Instead, I crossed the river into Arizona and headed north on the very bumpy ninety five toward Fort Mojave then into Bullhead City where I again crossed the Colorado River back into Nevada at Laughlin, Nevada where I’d taken photos and posted them last month I think?

So much for that trip! I’ve got several posts lined up for the next several hours and into tomorrow too I suppose, from this quickie trip. Yes, more desert photos! I hope you’ll stick around. But getting back into Las Vegas and the moron drivers was a shocker. Wide open road and eighty miles per hour is much easier driving!!