Lunch At Grape Street

I’ve been planning on seeing the new movie Guardians Of The Galaxy for a few days and got back home a bit ago from seeing it – fantastic! Awesome! You won’t be disappointed! Almost from the very first minute, this movie digs deep into the action, and I mean basically non-stop action! The music selections for the movie are in my view nothing short of brilliant, ranging in the decades, but so well intertwined with what’s going on on the screen.

Since I’m such a Sci-Fi geek, this movie was made even more enjoyable and some of the major name stars in the movie were a huge surprise too. Seriously, if you love a good Sci-Fi flick and non-stop action, get your ticket. My ticket was $15.00 plus tax, not a cheap ticket at all for just one person but I believe the movie is worth every red cent.

I hit Grape Street Italian Restaurant for an early lunch before walking a short distance to the movie. I had a roast turkey sandwich which was nothing less than delicious, and some yummy fresh bread, made fresh right in the restaurant. Summerlin has an incredible choice of culinary delights! If your a local, give them a try, I’m certain I’ll be back!

A couple snaps via the iPhone7 at Grape Street 🌴

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