Guilty Or Innocent?

I like to watch the old Cops programme on TV as well as the Alaska State Troopers show. At the beginning of the Cops show, the announcer states that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty.

The other day whilst leaving the local Wal Mart here in Vegas, a store employee stopped me and asked for my receipt to verify my purchase which was of course in my case, legitimate. I get it. Before leaving my home state of Michigan some years ago, that store which is basically as compared to Las Vegas, had the exact same procedures and product.

But this was in Podunk.

Apparently, Bentoneville is just as much concerned for every American cent in any major metro city as it is from those located amidst the Field Corn and Soybean fields of America. That’s any corporate structure, correct? Hey, I get it! I grew up and worked within a highly professional workplace.

I was born in 1960. That said, and considering what I’ve read and seen over the years, I must conclude that the average American is today in our so-called “Modern America” considered to be a criminal in all ways, before being proven guiltless.

Sorry, but it just wasn’t this way decades ago anymore than rotary dialed telephones are the standard today. Frankly, I despise being stopped at the exit from China-Mart. It’s a direct accusation of presumed criminal guilt and intent. Bring manufacturing back to America, might that help? I suppose not. By the way, can we bring manufacturing home to recreate American jobs? Begin with dismantling the Unions and the Socialist movement both within the Federal Government as well as the American Unions. But hey, it’s just my two cents worth…

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  1. The winds of change! I teach security topics in the UK from time to time. One of the comparisons I draw is the way UK police officers dressed when I was young – smart uniforms – and the way they dress now – Robocop. Street photography is also interesting in the UK. More and more people are being stopped and asked to identify themselves when taking photographs or asked to stop taking photographs.. It’s a sad development brought about mostly by terrorism. If you take a photograph and somebody else’s child is in shot then you are immediately a paedophile and people become aggressive. And, as we know, the way people behave on the road……… It is a sorry and sad old world sometimes.

    1. Wow, I totally identify with this! The Police State has spread like a virus to all corners. Much more I can say on Terrorism but I’ll abstain…

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