Seven Magic Mountains

It’s been a bit dreary here in Las Vegas today with full overcast skies and occasional rain. It’s much cooler with temps in the mid to upper fifties too. Regardless, I didn’t want to be in my apartment all day so off I went south of Las Vegas via the 215 and the 15 freeways. I was heading for the metropolis of Sloan, Nevada, not too far really from the Valley.

Once there, I exited the fifteen and headed west toward Sandy Valley which is several miles west. I’d been down this road before but it has been about three years since. Things still look the same! I followed the road all the way to the California state line which I intended to be my farthest point south for today. I’ll have more photos of my quickie trip later today. I saw a sign when exiting the freeway that said Seven Magic Mountains. I was intrigued.

I headed south on Las Vegas Boulevard, this road goes south all the way to the California state line if I’m not mistaken, and was my intended direction too. I had assumed that I’d missed a road that would take far off the main road into some small mountains to my east to see these ‘magical mountains’.


A bit on south I crested a small ridge where my eyes were immediately drawn left to some very striking colours far off in the distance. As I drew closer I stopped to grab a photo. A bit further on I found the entrance to this place. There were likely a couple dozen cars in the dirt lot, and what looked liked dozens of people walking to and from the brightly coloured stones.

It seemed I had found those Seven Magic Mountains after all!

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