Trying Papa John’s Pizza

I was in the Subway sandwich shop the other day which is next door to this pizza joint. And lately, the TV has been bombarding me with Papa John’s commercials, the advertising worked! I’ve had just one piece of this Thin Crust pizza so far, saving it for later. I’m pleased to report that I like this brand better than Little Caesars but Domino’s will be a close second for me! And Domino’s is a Michigan-based corporation too. A taste of home, right?

The photo of the pizza on my car seat doesn’t really do it justice, I tried to add some colour to it and have it look a bit more robust and yummy, but the iPhone just can’t compete with my Nikon. Anyway, Papa John’s Pizza has certainly got my vote!

Upcoming Travel Plans…

Yesterday and today I’ve been digging about the internet researching possible travel destinations, all via my little gray bug-mobile. I considered driving the PCH, Pacific Coast Highway but decided to defer that trip for now. I also considered a trip to the Grand Canyon which isn’t more than five hours drive from home. I decided against this destination as well for now, needs more research for points of interest and places to stay.

So, I decided to make a trip down to Needles, California instead. It’s a tiny little town, not much there but I’ve heard about this town consistently being the hottest place in America for years. I’ll be able to say I was there haha! An overnight stay, then the options are open, perhaps drive historic Route 66 east a ways, or take highway 40 west to the fifteen freeway. From there it’s north to Las Vegas, or points south toward Orange County, CA or other areas.

We’ll see what happens down the road. I still have no regrets in quitting my job, it’s been nice spending my time as I see fit and not being bad-mouthed by a belligerent bully. As I mentioned before in another post, I may seek another job in time but for now life has been really good. More to come…

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John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the side. Thanks for visiting my website!

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  1. We have Dominoes Pizza here in the UK. After being bombarded with their ads we eventually decided to try one. They are really very expensive and we didn’t think much of it to be honest, maybe you guys have a different recipe. We are now starting to get adverts for Papa Johns too – but I think we’ll give them a miss. We have a couple of pizza shops in our town – all independent and you can watch them being made and they deliver for a couple of pounds too. Apart from anything else, it is nice to support local businesses instead of huge corporations. Our town has just gotten a Costa Coffee, and I must say it is busy. Out of Starbucks and Costa I prefer Costa – it isn’t syrupy like Starbucks, but I rarely drink coffee, and if we do go out for a coffee we would rather visit a local cafe. All we need now are the Golden Arches (God forbid) and I am moving 😉

    Hope you enjoy your trip – sounds excellent. Looking forward to a trip report and photos 🙂

    1. These pizza joints seem to insist on every pizza being the same, maybe it’s where the ingredients come from that make them taste different. I love coffee but usually make it at home, Starbucks is a joke! People here better not bitch about the cost of fuel for the car if they can pay so much for that nasty coffee. Even the coffee shop itself stinks when you walk by! It’s always a good thing to support the mom & pop businesses! McDonald’s is killing people with obesity.

      1. Unfortunately the grandkids love Macdonalds – everytime we drive past one they all want to stop. I feel really mean when I say ‘no’…but it is for their own good 🙂

  2. Now you’re just making me hungry all over again! The trip sounds fabulous and were I a wealthier man, I would love to join you. And good to be weasel (boss) free and on the road. The size of the US is mind boggling. When we lived in the UK, if you drove in any direction for five hours you’d be in the sea!

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