Trying Papa John’s Pizza

I was in the Subway sandwich shop the other day which is next door to this pizza joint. And lately, the TV has been bombarding me with Papa John’s commercials, the advertising worked! I’ve had just one piece of this Thin Crust pizza so far, saving it for later. I’m pleased to report that I like this brand better than Little Caesars but Domino’s will be a close second for me! And Domino’s is a Michigan-based corporation too. A taste of home, right?

The photo of the pizza on my car seat doesn’t really do it justice, I tried to add some colour to it and have it look a bit more robust and yummy, but the iPhone just can’t compete with my Nikon. Anyway, Papa John’s Pizza has certainly got my vote!

Upcoming Travel Plans…

Yesterday and today I’ve been digging about the internet researching possible travel destinations, all via my little gray bug-mobile. I considered driving the PCH, Pacific Coast Highway but decided to defer that trip for now. I also considered a trip to the Grand Canyon which isn’t more than five hours drive from home. I decided against this destination as well for now, needs more research for points of interest and places to stay.

So, I decided to make a trip down to Needles, California instead. It’s a tiny little town, not much there but I’ve heard about this town consistently being the hottest place in America for years. I’ll be able to say I was there haha! An overnight stay, then the options are open, perhaps drive historic Route 66 east a ways, or take highway 40 west to the fifteen freeway. From there it’s north to Las Vegas, or points south toward Orange County, CA or other areas.

We’ll see what happens down the road. I still have no regrets in quitting my job, it’s been nice spending my time as I see fit and not being bad-mouthed by a belligerent bully. As I mentioned before in another post, I may seek another job in time but for now life has been really good. More to come…

An Affirmation Of Predilection

Some of you who’ve been following me for a good bit have figured out by now that I’ve had difficulties with booze in eras long past. Times have changed. Time has changed me. But the worry I have is that my son and daughter will inherit my predilection for the wet stuff. Earlier today I sent my son a photo of my Pizza purchase, shown here on the blog at Papa John’

He later returned a photo of some Vodka bottles among other items in a shopping cart in a grocery.

I told him –  you have the predilection. Be careful, son… I love you. No reply. No surprise.

I was adopted. I am more than fully aware of the reasons that the state of Michigan removed myself and seven other siblings from these bastard parents during the nineteen sixties. Booze and drugs so many decades past. Same shit, different decades. But seriously, I am so worried for my son’s future. Alcohol is a major demonic tool. I’ve met most of my blood relatives and it’s not been good. More bitter than sweet. I’ll do my best to steer my young man around these pitfalls…