Photography Classes?

I’ve been digging around the internet today searching for local qualified photographers and classes that I can attend. In terms of photography, I’m becoming a bit frustrated with my new Nikon D3300 because I can use many of it’s features and capabilities yet I want to learn much more about the available options. I want more!

I first became interested in photography in the 1980’s but as time has passed it has become a bit more consuming and has become it’s own hobby for me. Now seems to be the time for me to take the hobby up a notch or two, not to try for professional status but I know I’m capable of much better than what I am doing now. I like a good challenge…

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    1. Thanks for the link. Tons of good stuff but they want my CC info before the free trial begins, I don’t like that. Too bad, there’s. perfect course there.

  1. This is such a great idea John! We have long talked about taking classes and just never made the time to do it. So learning bits and pieces and often frustrated by our lack of knowledge. Looking forward to hearing how your learning progresses and seeing the results too. Although I have to say you have some gorgeous photos already. Still we can always learn more right?

    1. Your so kind, thank you!! The camera shop I usually purchase my goodies from offers classes but I just missed the first of the two by two days – sucks. They are just $35 bucks for two basics classes, perfect for me to get the basics. Being self taught is good but I want more…

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