The Lap Pool

I snapped this photo with the iPhone7 on the way back from paying my monthly rent. Such a great looking pool area, the larger pool is beyond this Lap Pool which you can’t see here. About that rent – at times I miss living in a regular house, especially the last one which was a rental but had it’s own pool in the back yard. That was really nice to have…

The flip side, and it’s a big one, is that I no longer carry a big fat mortgage. Maybe some day but for now it’s great to be out from under a huge mortgage payment. In other major news from me (haha) this morning I swallowed my usual handful of assorted pills, many of which are for blood pressure. After an hour or so I began to feel super dizzy and weak.

I popped the blood pressure cuff on and was a bit scared of the pressure it revealed. It was 102/62 but with a normal pulse rate. Checking it again about ten minutes later, it had dropped further to 97/65. Man that freaked me out! My pressure has rebounded now likely to the medications wearing off.

Thank God.

So, my thoughts on this mean I better cut one of the medications out for a day or so (i know which one) and see how it goes. This is for me is some very scary stuff to deal with! I’ll be checking that pressure several times today. It’s a good thing I told my employer to piss off – my back has not been a happy camper the last several days either. I’m falling apart!! 😜😉

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  1. scary about the blood pressure John-it’s always trying to get that balance of meds right. My uncle just told me today his blood pressure meds make his legs weak and cause insomnia. Hope you get “regulated” soon!!

    1. Thanks Lisa. Funny thing is it has been pretty well stable for weeks now until today. I skipped my noon dose of one of the meds, will check it a few more times today. No insomnia here but my glutes (not spelled right) and lower back are painful when walking too far because of the three herniated discs in my Lumbar. Lovely. Riding my bike doesn’t hurt!

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