A Quick Visit To Fremont Street

I made a quick trip to our Fremont Street Experience this morning, it wasn’t too crowded and the breeze flowing through the entire place made the visit a very comfortable experience. If it were mid summer, it’d be a different experience! If you plan to visit Las Vegas, you should take a few hours away from the craziness of The Strip and stop by Fremont Street, it’s a nice change of pace in my perspective.

Twenty nine photos in this set which looking at them now in the slide show, they seem to be under-exposed. That sucks! I used the Nikon D3300 and a Nikkor 35mm Prime lens for all of these. Apparently I need to adjust the camera settings a bit eh?

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    1. Thank you Lorna, it’s unique in all the world you can say. This time of year here is ideal for outdoor anything since it’s just before the 100+ season, 70’s and 80’s are perfect. Nearly 100 by weeks end!

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