Drop Down Menu Issues….

If you’ve been following my site for a good bit you may have noticed that the Drop-Down menu has an issue. When you slide your cursor below the top of the Menu Bar, the Drop-Down Menu vanishes. For what it’s worth, I’ve been in contact with the theme’s author – the CSS help I’ve been offered by them has been no help.

I very much like this purchased theme but have been consistently disappointed by this specific coding issue. While I’m not a professional with code, I’m not exactly a noob to it either.

That said, I apologize for any difficulty you may have come upon. I really love WordPress.com yet some of the theme coding they release needs work. And why has WP removed the Paragraph Justify button from our Admin panel? I don’t like having to add HTML to Justify my paragraphs!

Seriously WordPress?

Immigrant Abuse?

While roaming about Fremont Street this morning I saw these two fellas standing behind this large sign suggesting that they are being abused by an employer. OK, I get that having recently been through what might be something similar, or not. I’ve seen a similar sign on the other end of town complaining about abuse but with a different company. The signs are identical except for portions of the text. So, what’s the scoop here, Mr. Poop?

Is something stinky going on here? Do understand that I’m one hundred percent against any abuse in the workplace in any form, and in the home or elsewhere of course. A couple questions though…

  • Question One: Are these immigrants making the complaint(s) here in the States legally?
  • Question Two: If (they) are so bloody unhappy with our system, why not go back home?

We all know that the American Southwest is overrun with illegals. Our new president is doing what he can to build a wall to help stem the ludicrous influx of illegals into this country. A country without borders is simply not a country. But life in the States is far better for legal immigrants than for many in Mexico and South America, it’s a known fact. It’s time for our federal, state and local governing bodies to put an end to this disgrace to the US.

All of those thoughts aside, I guess this is what comes into my over-thinking, always analyzing brain when I see stuff like this. I’ve got no issues with immigration to our country but if these people won’t do so legally, and then assimilate and blend in with the culture then please don’t come here. Absorb our culture and language. End.

A Quick Visit To Fremont Street

I made a quick trip to our Fremont Street Experience this morning, it wasn’t too crowded and the breeze flowing through the entire place made the visit a very comfortable experience. If it were mid summer, it’d be a different experience! If you plan to visit Las Vegas, you should take a few hours away from the craziness of The Strip and stop by Fremont Street, it’s a nice change of pace in my perspective.

Twenty nine photos in this set which looking at them now in the slide show, they seem to be under-exposed. That sucks! I used the Nikon D3300 and a Nikkor 35mm Prime lens for all of these. Apparently I need to adjust the camera settings a bit eh?