Checked In!

And ready to go. My super short trip to Michigan for daughter’s wedding is a green light. It’s really nice that I can check in online then print my boarding passes right here at home. I won’t have access to a printer for the return hop so I will have to check in online but have the airline send me the QR code to my device to use at the gate. My my how times have changed! It’s going to be tough to get my suit and shirt there without wrinkling the shit out of them!

In other news, I’ve been adding things to this little website of mine. I changed the colors of the Menu bar, it’s buttons and the entire background color. I had to add a bit of margin (3px) to the bottom of the buttons to separate them from the page below. Altered the 1px Menu border colors too. I also brought back the Contact Me page. It was removed a few months ago because it was being abused. I’ll dismiss any misuse next time. Some people are plain old losers.

I also added a new page called Favorites which at this time has twenty five direct links (easy to add more) to many of my most favorite people I follow here on wonderful Funny thing these days is that since my divorce, I have at this time zero friends here but many online friends on several continents world wide. Yes, there’s a huge difference in the two but I’m very grateful for my online relationships, your such awesome people.

Anyway, I’ll likely add more links to that page. I did some research last night on the most useful pages for blogs and websites, in my view there are some types that cross over and work either way. I also rearranged a few items on the sidebar but am still struggling in my head whether or not that sidebar is really useful. Myself, I do look at the sidebar when visiting your sites, properly constructed they can give the reader lots of useful information, I hope mine does.

I’ve searched numerous times for a header image that is in the same style as the one up there now. I think it looks stylish and professional. It’s opacity and fade from right to left looks nice, allowing the site name and tag line to render cleanly. Apparently, I’m stuck with just one instead of having rotating headers upon different page loads. But at least it’s a good header which I snagged from an image search via Google a good while ago.

But one thing still cranks me off about WordPress – removing that damned Justify button from my Admin panel! The fine folks at Automattic make so many arbitrary and useless decisions, I’ve come to see this as a regular pattern from them over the many years I’ve been using them, regardless, it’s still the best of the Web I believe. But why? Why remove the damn thing? What does WordPress have against the justification of text on blogs?

I researched this a week or two ago. It was pointed out in one publication that the Justification of text has always worked well for the printed word such as newspapers and similar. the argument against Justification is that doing so can leave large blocks of white space between words, making the text difficult to read. I must admit that this is true, however, I also don’t see this happening on all websites and blogs. Isn’t a blog a website anyway?

So then, make your own determination on which way to go with your own site. I still Justify, having to manually do so by handcrafting the HTML in myself using the Text side of the editor. Pretty stupid, WordPress. My friend Lisa asked me about doing this too as she likes to Justify each of her posts as well. I sent her a link that showed her how simple it is to do, yet it’s not something that we should have to be bothered with! Little things can grind my gears, sorry…

I’m being a total lazy ass the last couple of days having stayed in my comfy little apartment very much. But it’s given me time to work on the site and clean this apartment up like it should look, yours truly is neat as a pin. A place for everything and everything in it’s place goes the old cliche’ but I tell ya it’s still true! I wasn’t raised up to be a neat freak, I just turned out that way and it’s all good. Thanks very much for reading this far into this rant!!

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John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the side. Thanks for visiting my website!

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  1. have a great trip and I am still justifying!! I see the justified text only shows up if you go to my actually wordpress page- it you see it in the reader it looks unjustified. I give up

  2. Have a great wedding visit John. Always good to hand over responsibility (especially financial responsibility) to a willing person. And, just when you think you have come off the end of the financial conveyor belt, they produce grandchildren (I now have 6!) who learn very quickly what a great source of funds a grandfather can be! We’re very lazy too. Just sitting on the boat watching the world go by. Have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks, you too! Well, I paid child support for 14 years for her and her brother. Glad when it was over and they’ve lived with there mum for many years. Daughter has moved out, has her own income and just finished Nursing school. Son still lives at home and has had the same job for several years which is good. I occasionally purchase devices for them but they are OK. The husband to be is about ten years older than my daughter, something that made her nervous regarding family. I told her that as long as he treats her well and takes care of her, that’s what matters. He is a really good man. Met him a few times.

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