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I find that after a couple weeks away from my old job, I’m a bit irked by what happened and still glad to be out of a bad situation yet I’ll never understand the resistance. The management team was a couple, soon to be married. The man is retired military but conducts himself as though he’s still military in my perspective. Once a military police officer, always a police officer.

I sense he felt threatened by my suggestions to speed up the job at hand which became the demise of my employment. The weeds were certainly getting tall in the very back of the outdoor storage area, we all knew that. I was asked to remove them – with a Scuffle Hoe. Ummm, no. I explained to this guy that this device was never intended to be used on a hard surface.

Sometimes called blacktop. I suggested using the weed whip in the storage room. No, it’s broken. OK, I suggested I purchase my own whip, they aren’t that costly. He said “no, I will not have any employee using they’re own equipment here”. I stated that doing so would allow me to get this job done so that I can get to the work I was hired for. (Why was I not told at hire about these extra jobs?)

He says – I am the boss. I make the decisions here. I stated that I am not challenging his authority, Rather, simply trying to do the job at hand in the proper way, work smarter, not harder. A Scuffle Hoe was never intended for use on a parking lot, and it’s too much work for me considering my health as well, I tried to do the work with the hoe, I just can’t do it. (I have 20+ years experience in lawn work)

The “I’m the boss” crap was thrown out there again. At this point I became irate internally, not showing it outward. I walked away, went to the front counter, pulled up the Time Clock and clicked out for the last time. Walked to my car and left, noting that they were watching me leave, gesturing at each other with hands moving about. Too bad, so sad for them.

I have zero regrets in leaving the job. But I’m very irritated that I had to leave on these terms. It was another case of quitting management, not quitting the work at hand. Days before, the woman had told me that the facility needs me. Apparently it (they) didn’t need me that badly. Staying true to myself, I left having told myself that the next time this shit happened, I’m gone.

I have other income, the bills will be paid. I was working to stay busy and for a bit of extra cash. I’ve had to rearrange my finances a bit, the new plan is working fine as expected. But no employee should ever have to deal with a belligerent employer. I was very well trained and certified for the work I was doing. But I’m replaceable. No wonder I’ve noticed that in the past, this place had had staffing issues…

Thanks for letting me vent here…

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  1. Interesting! I was looking to see what happened with your job — when I “fell out of blogging”, there were back issues that were threatening the work situation. Well … good riddance, I say! Especially since you don’t have to worry about putting food on the table. Did they pay out your last wages?

    1. Hi!! They sure did, it’s a direct deposit into a separate bank account. The day I got the last payment, I transferred it into my own checking account, take that! I don’t miss that damn place… I hope your doing well Rebekah!

  2. Some people just feel their apparent rank and often their insecurity makes them weak managers. You can’t buy respect. It has to be earned. On my training courses I ask people (some who have worked for years) how many good bosses/managers they have worked for. Most people can’t get beyond four or five. All this management training and yet we still turn out inadequate managers. Stick with it John. We’re with you. As one door closes…..

    1. I have no regrets in quitting that place. I’m enjoying two coffees and eggs while watching the BBC America this morning! That place has had difficulty in keeping employees I found out, I may have found the source…

  3. Good for you John – stay true to your self. It is harder if you have no other income, but sometimes it is harder to stop where you are just not happy. Hope it all works out for you mate 🙂

    1. Thanks James, I do have other income which made it much easier to take a long holiday from that place. I am 10 years older than this guy too. Yes, that matters to me!

  4. Very frustrating to work with people who are so busy thinking they need to be in control, in power that they can’t get past their ego and recognize someone like you John, with a real work ethic, with knowledge that could help them, and instead they remain know it all blow hards. I currently work with a teacher who is a know it all, unthinking, sees everything in black & white, will not bend or compromise, and I am counting the days til the last day of school to be away from this woman. I can’t believe she is the way she is, it is so far from my understanding, and frustrating. I hear ya!!! But you know who you are and I am glad you left them, as in truth they deserve to have someone like you.

    1. I can’t spell certain words, it doesn’t help that sometimes the keys on my devices don’t sense I’m touching them. Our American English isn’t right either both in spelling and dialect/pronunciation. I’ve started adding certain letters back into my sentences as I add new posts. Keep the U, keep the M’s!!

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