Get Scootin’!

I took a quick hike in the very high winds this morning again, and came across evidence that there be tourists around! You’ll see these little two-seater scooters occasionally driving along the bike path, just off the road. Dangerous as hell if you ask me. I saw three Metro Police trucks there too, makes me wonder what’s going on amidst those boulders? Busting evil pot smokers?

Also, on the way back down the hill to the car I spied two guys with big commercial grade camera systems perched on their shoulders. I froze up a bit, fearing messing up the video they were shooting. I was motioned to come on down below where they were filming. Once back in the parking lot I found out what the scoop was…

Turns out the young couple I passed whom had two big dogs with them were part of the filming of a new segment of the TV programme called House Hunters. The young couple and those poochies are set to become new Las Vegas Valley residents! But don’t expect to see me in the video, I was told I’d not be in it which is fine with me!

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