Creepy Face Under Signs

Leaving the Rec area I saw this creepy face and a stop sign that had an incursion with a 20G shotgun…

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  1. Aw, America! One of my “favorite” signs in an area I enjoyed for birding was a deer crossing sign that also had evidence of having been “hunted”. Don’t think that vandalism didn’t make me cautious while hunting in my own way for birds! Some a-hole shooting a sign by the side of the road could easily harm or kill someone innocently driving down the highway at the same time. In fact, on another road, a fellow driving home from college was accidentally shot by an incautiously discharged rifle. no one ever got found and charged for that murder.

    1. Wow, that’s really sad. The shooting was getting out of hand in the area I point out here, I remember driving along and hearing gunshots everywhere. The state police obviously have this under control now, no shots were heard yesterday. Good thing because I passed families having fun camping, and others just partying.

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