Creepy Face Under Signs

Leaving the Rec area I saw this creepy face and a stop sign that had an incursion with a 20G shotgun…

About John

John is a native of Michigan, the Great Lakes State, he is 56 years young and retired. I've been using WordPress since 2000 with various websites both self-hosted and the side. Thanks for visiting my website!

3 Responses

  1. Aw, America! One of my “favorite” signs in an area I enjoyed for birding was a deer crossing sign that also had evidence of having been “hunted”. Don’t think that vandalism didn’t make me cautious while hunting in my own way for birds! Some a-hole shooting a sign by the side of the road could easily harm or kill someone innocently driving down the highway at the same time. In fact, on another road, a fellow driving home from college was accidentally shot by an incautiously discharged rifle. no one ever got found and charged for that murder.

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