The Roadrunner

Heading back to my car from the hike this morning it was dead quiet, you could hear people chatting a great distance away.

Near the trail, I heard a bush rustle. Stopping and waiting, this cute Road Runner popped out from behind a bush. I had the 18-55mm lens on the camera which doesn’t have nearly as much zoom as my go-to 70-300mm lens does, so I had to crop the crap outta this photo.

It didn’t fall apart much, still looks OK. Such a fascinating bird and true to it’s Warner Brothers cartoon character, this bird can run super fast! More photos from this morning to come. Click the photo …


Can you spot the climber? I took a hike in Calico Basin this morning and it wasn’t easy! I’m so bloody out of shape it stinks. I’ll probably be back out there tomorrow somewhere for more punishment but before that I need to get the bicycle back on the road. I took the Nikon with me, slung around my neck with the 18-55mm lens, more photos coming. I hope your weather is as beautiful as what we have here in Las Vegas today!!