Staying Active!

If your a regular visitor here, you’ll know that I resigned from my job very recently because (a) I’m ready to retire, and (b) I was true to myself in resigning from said job if the bully employer became an asswipe again. I’m gone. It’s tough sleeping later each day. Anyway, since the physicality of work is now gone I need a serious, solid replacement. Riding a bicycle takes me back to how much I loved riding as a child.

Hence this nice investment early today. I’ve been on two rides with the bike and I’ll tell you with no uncertainty that this bike is well worth the cost. Last year I purchased a cheap bike from Wal Mart and got what I paid for. A sluggish, very heavy bike on which the gear shift mechanisms never worked correctly.

I sold it to a pawn shop for $15.00…..

Purchasing this much more expensive bike and seeing the tech tuning the gears and checking the entire bike over in all aspects was a huge plus. It’s an aluminum frame which is major. The tires and wheels are much better for my intended usage and the shifting mechanisms work smoothly and purposefully.

I have intended to use the indoor gym facilities in my clubhouse and will likely do so when the summer desert heat returns but until then I’ll use my great new bicycle. One can ride bicycles here year around if you can tolerate the summer heat, but the snow never reaches the desert floor here in the valley, perfect for winter rides. It’s nice to be back on the saddle again.

Not a great photo but the sun has set… Via Nikon D3300 using a Prime lens.

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