Vegas From The East Side

My first day off of work for good took me to the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. I’ll post several photos of Lake Mead looking sad later today or tomorrow because of the water level being so very low. Lake Mead Boulevard crosses the entire width of Las Vegas Valley from west to east but continues east through a small pass toward Lake Mead, makes sense right? The road passes near to the peak of Frenchman Mountain.

Most of these ten photos were snapped with my Nikkor 70-300mm lens on the D3300. Since I live on the west side of the valley, I rarely have the opportunity to shoot the Strip or downtown Las Vegas proper from this angle. As a local, it’s kind of fun for me to see the peaks of Red Rock Canyon from so many miles away.

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. One of the great things about blogging and following other people is that you get to see where they live from a residents point of view rather than from a tourist brochure. I think you must live in a fantastic place John, and I wish I could visit and see your mountains and desert – looks amazing. I would probably avoid the casinos though…

    1. Thanks James!! I’m glad you like the real side of Las Vegas, places few tourists see. I never visit casinos except to walk through, they get no money from me! I very rarely go down to the Strip, been there, seen it.

      1. Whenever people mention Vegas it is always the casinos they talk about. We get a lot of people over here who go – rich footballers etc. The never mention the mountains or the desert. If I was over there John, that’s where I would be…not in some rip off casino spending money. One day maybe if I won the Lottery I would go to Vegas and you could show me your mountains, and then you could come to England and see our moors and Dales. That would be a plan 🙂 I’ll keep buying the tickets 🙂

        1. Hey that sounds great James!! Casinos are such a major ripoff! i very rarely go down there, it’s much more attractive from a distance haha!! Those folks are ripping themselves off by not getting away from the Strip to see the mountains. There’s so much more to this city than that major tourist attraction.

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