No, not the kind I slice, fry on the stove and slather with Mayo between two pieces of Russian Rye! That was breakfast by the way… True bachelor living! I’ve been a licensed Amateur Radio licensee (Ham) since the late 1980’s. I began my radio hobby on the eleven metre band, known by so many as the CB Radio band.

This meager collection of equipment is the best I can muster considering I live in a 750 square foot apartment. The perfect bachelor pad. The equipment covers frequencies between thirty megahertz to well into the microwave bands. Another radio covers the shortwave radio bands. And a simple antenna for VHF/UHF. No room for my wonderful old 100ft tower I had in Michigan!

During the years of my last marriage I put the hobby on the back burner, it just didn’t fit into the marriage for a couple reasons. That sucks too, putting something you love so much aside but I thought it was for a good reason. Then. Not today. It’s good to be me again, no longer smothered by a marriage I thought was solid.

All things end, but this was my third and final marriage, there will be no more. I’m once again at yet another crossroads in this life, having resigned from my job yesterday and having nothing but free time ahead of me. An open road you can safely say. A road I intend to literally travel soon. I’m considering a couple destinations soon. I feel liberated to be away from an abusive work situation yet a bit taken back by the free time ahead.

In any case, I hope to have tons of fresh photo opportunities in the time to come….