The Flying Kicks

Shooting some photos in Red Rock Canyon yesterday I was surprised to find a pair of sneakers hanging in this area. I’ve seen this happen in more places than I could remember, and I did some research on this strangeness. Turns out, it’s a world-wide phenomena. Actually, I found so much information on this that you’d be better off doing your own research than just a few links I could post here. Everything from street gangs and drugs to ordinary people tossing an old pair of sneakers up there for a myriad of reasons. But in Red Rock Canyon? I doubt there are gangs in the immediate area… I sure hope not!

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  1. I see shoes hanging from cables here in Holland too. Why would anyone want to do this? As a boy I had one pair of shoes and maybe that’s why we didn’t see shoes hanging from telegraph wires. That said, my wife has plenty of pairs of shoes. She could fill up an entire telegraph wire section – easily!

    1. Women and shoes, a match made in Heaven apparently! I found so many articles online about the hanging sjoes, it still makes zero sense.

        1. I agree Cher, it’s pure urban blight but how could this be policed? It can’t. This could lead to a new job position though – Remover Of Stinky Tennies!

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