Sorry but I simply never tire of my lovely Red Rock Canyon, so close to my home… So close to my heart…

Centering Me

Part two of today was a good thing in my favorite canyon with sunny skies and seventy five beautiful degrees at over three thousand feet. Red Rock Canyon always makes me feel better, and one of many reasons I recently signed my lease for another year. No bugs, no snow except in the mountains where it should be and a beautiful climate. And of course, my beautiful palm trees everywhere.

Red Rock Canyon center’s me

Some very positive things to see and hear today, even a couple wild donkeys making that distinctive call they have, somewhere in the desert, so hard to see at a distance as they blend into the desert floor so well. I can’t say the same for the jackasses at my job. By that I mean the freaks who rent the storage units and leave garbage and unwanted furnishings about including used tampons, shitty diapers and the list continues.

Doing the usual walk around the building this morning, I came across two piles of discarded furniture containing both bed frames, mattresses and other junk items. Since almost day one, I’ve had additional duties added to my day that were never disclosed to me upon being hired on. Bait and switch? Lied to? Tricked? Maybe… In any case, it’s not acceptable to me.

I’ve now endured what I see as two instances of verbal abuse to some degree, and spoken to once again today as though the employer were my father yet I am fifteen years his senior. I was not allowed to make suggestions to remedy issues nor was I allowed to purchase tools at my own expense that would make jobs inside and outside the facility go much faster.

Why? And why would this person become rude and slightly belligerent with me when I make such suggestions? A matter of who’s in control? This man is ex military police. Guess what my man, your not military anymore. Nobody is contesting or threatening your authority. I promised myself that if this crap happened again, I’d resign my position and take a permanent holiday.

And that is just what I did over the phone after leaving the property. Tomorrow I stop by the facility to drop off my uniforms and badge. The man’s soon to be wife practically begged me to stay. I told her in no uncertain terms that in my view, he and I have a major personality clash and that he creeps me out. Always angry just under the surface. I refuse to associate with negative people!

I have much more respect and dignity for myself than this and refuse to allow this situation to continue. I needed to vent. I actually had a text volley with my ex and she was a sweetheart, letting me get the lead out. And I thank you my reader for putting up with my venting rant in this space!! So then, I’m thinking of a trip to Reno, Nevada soon… And a few more driving destinations. Click a pic to start the viewer!