Swaying Palms

It’s once again extremely windy in Las Vegas but it’s sunny and in the seventies right now. Nothing to shake a palm frond at! I’ve tried today to trade my little car in for a pick-em-up but I just don’t have the equity in the car yet to swap it out. So then, I am considering a refinance to cut that stupidly high payment back. Cars – a bit of a love/hate relationship I suppose…

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  1. When we moved ono the boat, we sold both cars and cycle now. Very easy to do in Holland where there are cycle paths everywhere. We occasionally hire a car for the day if we have some heavy lifting to do. Cars, when you consider all the add-on costs, are very expensive things to own and run. There must be a better way!

    1. So the scenario is about the same there as here? And factor the insurance costs here too. I have no idea what the insurance laws and regulations are in other countries but here it’s in my view, way out of control. No surprise that so many must choose between paying bills, feeding children or auto insurance/auto payments… Or in my case, purchasing so many medications. And why the hell are so many economies in crisis?

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