I made me get the heck out of the house earlier today for some photo ops in the canyon. Stopped in a parking lot in Calico Basin, I noticed this boulder teetering on the very top of a small mountain. At the bottom there is a small park with toilets, overhangs with small cooking areas and such. Lots of people there on a regular basis. How awful it would be if this or other boulders suddenly came tumbling down! Photographed with my Nikon D3300 and a Nikkor 70-300mm at full zoom. Waaaay up there!!

Writer’s Block?

Well, I’m not an author by any means but I am out of content for this little website recently. I’m just not feeling it lately. I see the same thing happen to others I follow around WordPress and it sucks! My life seems to be falling into a rather deep groove lately with work and home. I don’t get out much lately and am in need of some fresh photo material.

I might take a trip to Mount Charleston tomorrow but today I need to get my suit purchased for the upcoming trip to Michigan for my daughter’s wedding the end of this month. And pick up my medications too. Routine. Boring. Blah. I’m not depressed and have no reason to be whatsoever. Which leads me once again to thinking of retirement.

I’m considering it later this year since it’s now financially realistic for me. I’ve wanted to do some serious traveling the last year or so, via long extended road trips. Mostly here on the west coast since I’m not nearly as familiar with it as back east where I’m from but the entire country can be my oyster!

OK, now I’m on a rant… Thanks for tuning in!!