Amidst Such Wealth…

I stopped at the local petrol station to grab a few cold ones for tonight since I don’t work tomorrow. The photo is via my iPhone7, most fuel stations here have multiple slots as does our lovely McCarren International Airport. Getting into my little car and heading for the exit I noticed a woman seated on the ground and holding a sign.

I felt somehow compelled to return to the parking lot, park and go ask her if I could help her. The sign said that her family is in need. I asked her how I could help, there is so much homelessness in Las Vegas it’s heartbreaking. I routinely give cash to those holding the signs, or donate shoes or clothing.

The woman’s sign showed her and her two children. I asked if it was food that she needed for her children, across the parking lot is a large chain grocery store. She was not seeking food, she is trying to keep a roof over their heads. This isn’t something I can help her with which sucks. I was prepared to purchase food for the children.

She turned down my offer for food which surprised me, I then politely excused myself and headed back to the car with tears ready to flow. I felt so sad for this woman. Only God and the woman know what led to the situation this woman is in but I pray that God will bring forth blessings and new life to the family.

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    1. She was keeping her face covered all the time. She seemed very ashamed to be doing what she was doing. I suppose I’d be too. No idea why she refused though.

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