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  1. Serious equipment. My first job (over 40 years ago) was as second radio officer on a deep sea salvage tug. Our only means of communication was the Morse key. How times have changed!

  2. Did not see any where to comment on your posts. Father and I will go to Hard Rock mid July Hollywood, Florida. Got 6 days free and 2 days at $100 a night but agent said they will probably comp those two nights too. $175 free play for each of us each day. All flights Greensboro, NC have 4-5 hour layover in Atlanta then to Ft Lauderdale. We can’t handle that so agent found a non stop Greensboro to Miami which is wonderful. Then about a 20 mile or less cab Miami to Hollywood Hard Rock. $660 both of us round trip. Feel it’s a great deal.

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