Freak At Red Hills

Before heading to my doctor appointment early this afternoon, I took a short ride into my favorite canyon and stopped by the Red Hills parking area. Red Hills has a natural spring running out from under the small mountain and has a beautiful little oasis all around it. Hopping out to visit the men’s room it was obvious someone had a big mouth.

Along the way to the men’s room I stopped next to a couple who were standing at the front of their car looking on in total disbelief at this moron spewing hateful stuff. Verbally attacking the U.S. Government, calling Chinese people some very unsavory names and telling the world how sick he is of being attacked for being a young gay man.

And other audible spews of pure vulgarity.

The man that I stopped and looked on with jaw dropping (seen at end of video) and another man on the opposite side of the parking lot were primed and ready to walk up to this moron and silence him in ways he would not have liked. After several verbal threats against him, including that fact that there were several children present, he finally shut up.

Only God and this moron know what he was tripping on but man was he pissing off lots of people who visit this beautiful location for some serious peace and quiet. Hiking, rock climbing and just people who sometimes climb high into the hills and just relax, have a drink and smoke some pot. Las Vegas – such a dynamic city!! Apologies for the vertical video, I never do this…

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  1. Sorry to hear he ruined your outing, John. I apologise for not actually watching the video. Your description made me think it unwise as I am a bit anxious of late.

    You asked me to let you know how the 24 hr BP monitor went? Well, it is all over the place. It is super high and then drops really low and my pulse goes beserk trying to stop it falling. I already knew some of that but I got a very specific diagnosis which means all my BP meds go in the bin and I get a new one that acts in a different way. The name of the diagnosis? Wait for it . . . Hyper-adrenergic Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome! Now you know why I am a bit anxious . . .

    1. Wow, what a name. I hope the doctors can get your pressure stable soon Katherine, will be thinking about you. That idiot didn’t ruin my visit but he did upset several people there. He came close to getting his ass beat by two guys. They’d had enough of his bullshit.

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