I see these stupid testicles hanging from trucks fairly often around town. Really? What’s the point bub? This makes you look rather stupid don’t you think? Cut them off, do it now!! 😜

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  1. Ha! I have never seen those before, hope they don’t make it over here. We had a craze a few years ago where the back end of a stuffed ginger cat was stuck onto a truck radiator so it looked like it had been hit by the truck and the head was inside the radiator. Funny first time I saw it, then it quickly went stale.

    1. Nobody paints street art? In terms of the American Southwest painting, oh yes. So many here are from points very far south of the American border legally or not, which is one serious issue with our new president, and rightly so. He is not a politician which has so many hard-leftists, also called Liberals, in a serious tizzy. I call them Socialist Pigs.

    2. I see them around Western Nebraska as well. I agree with John. They are stupid. People who put them on their trucks don’t get it: they are vulgar and stupid, too! Take them off. Now!

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