Air Travel Realities

I recall flights across the country in the seventies where people were allowed to smoke in the cabins, and actual hot and somewhat good food was served to you by friendly attendants. Those attendants are just as friendly these days but don’t plan on your family or significant other meeting you at your gate when deplaning. Who won on September 11th, 2001…

Rat on people…

Delta TD

Signs of the times…

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  1. My first commercial flight was on an Air France Caravelle. There was no security at the airport. You just got on the aircraft. The the terrorists came along and spoiled everything. Happy days!

    1. Hell yes these bastards spoiled air travel. I miss the days when my family could meet me at the gate when I exit the aircraft. I despise body x-rays and having to strip to a small degree, to prove I’m a regular human being.

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