Strip View From The East

Looking westward from Charleston Boulevard this morning. I rarely travel to the east side of Las Vegas Valley except when going to Boulder City to visit the Hoover Dam which is where I’m going tomorrow. Again. I never tire of visiting there any more than visiting Red Rock Canyon.

I used the Nikkor 70-300mm lens for these photos, the lens has a decent amount of zoom. In one or two of the photos, you can see almost the entire length of Charleston Boulevard and Red Rock Casino and Resort.

Air Travel Realities

I recall flights across the country in the seventies where people were allowed to smoke in the cabins, and actual hot and somewhat good food was served to you by friendly attendants. Those attendants are just as friendly these days but don’t plan on your family or significant other meeting you at your gate when deplaning. Who won on September 11th, 2001…

Rat on people…

Delta TD

Signs of the times…


I snapped this drive-by photo using the Nikon on the way home from a long cruise early today which took me from the west side of the valley, to a ride down the Vegas Strip, then further east on Charleston Boulevard. I have many more photos of this little trip to come, so please stick around! I wonder what was going on with the police… Nosy locals want to know!