A Visit To Bonnie Springs

I’ve likely posted photos of this place before but if so, it must have been a good bit ago. In any case, I once again drove through Bonnie Springs, a nice little place to visit within Red Rock Canyon.

This place has a small hotel, gift shoppe, horse stables and a very small narrow gauge railroad which is fun for the children. Beyond that, I don’t know much about this place except that in a previous post, it’s very common to see wild donkeys wandering around the local area.

In any case, this is something that most visitors to Las Vegas likely will never know about. As a Local, I can tell you about many places and driving directions that will likely be better than your GPS navigation system!

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    1. I rode on a mini railway just once in Michigan a few years ago, through the woods. It was a fun experience! My back has seemingly repaired itself! Feels just fine now like it never let go again. I’m damn lucky there’s no need for more steroid injections again. Thanks for asking Katherine. How are you feeling?

      1. Im so glad you didn’t need those injections. I’m feeling a bit better since I had to stop the BP meds. Wednesday I get the monitor on, Thursday, off and will immediately get a new assessment on whether I need to go back on them, or some other kind of chemical. Do you ever feel like a guinea pig, John?

        1. Glad your better. Oh heck yes I feel like an experiment! They keep changing the meds, looking for the right cocktail to keep the BP down. Drugs are a great help but also a pain.

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