A Visit To Bonnie Springs

I’ve likely posted photos of this place before but if so, it must have been a good bit ago. In any case, I once again drove through Bonnie Springs, a nice little place to visit within Red Rock Canyon.

This place has a small hotel, gift shoppe, horse stables and a very small narrow gauge railroad which is fun for the children. Beyond that, I don’t know much about this place except that in a previous post, it’s very common to see wild donkeys wandering around the local area.

In any case, this is something that most visitors to Las Vegas likely will never know about. As a Local, I can tell you about many places and driving directions that will likely be better than your GPS navigation system!

Real Evil: The Pig Customer

If you visit here regularly, you’ll remember The Pig Customer post. Well, I’ve more shit to report on this bastard. Today it was found out that this evil person had unscrewed the bolts in the steel walls and broken into the unit which is between his previous two rental units.

The older couple who have been renting the in-between unit which was broken into had been renting since 2011, six years worth of rent. So, what did the pig take? He stole over four thousand dollars worth of not replaceable gauges and related equipment used in the diagnosis of large truck diesel engines.

The victim has been a diesel mechanic for many years. Also stolen were dozens of family videos, photographs and memories along with a dolly (trolly) that was found among the ruins left behind in the pig’s two units. Busted. The poor wife was so distraught that my manager and I were both crying with her.

This bad situation as described in a previous post has become far worse than any of us employees could have imagined. These weren’t my belongings yet I was enraged at the vile behavior of this evil person. This situation tells people like myself who’ve been around a while just how much society has changed.

Previous to 1960, I believe that the pre-hippy era was the last generation to still have some respect for other people and themselves. They weren’t as self-centered as so many people are today. If it doesn’t concern or benefit them in some way, they want nothing to do with whatever it may be.

I was born in 1960, very much a Baby Boomer baby. In chatting with the victim (husband) he and I agreed that the 1960’s saw a serious degeneration of morality in the United States as I’ve since learned over the years. My parents slapped and leather-belted respect for others into my brain.

Today in our so-called modern world, the Liberalized public indoctrination stations called schools teach children to contact the authorities should they be taught a lesson as I was so many years ago. Oh yeah, I remember hearing my daddy’s belt make a fast exit from his belt loops.

I still see my mother’s face and feel the sting left on my body by her tiny hand. And many years later, I thanked them both for the discipline they gave me. They made me a better man. I was fortunate to have told mother how much I lover her and thank her for so many wonderful things over the years.

She passed away five years ago already yet I will never forget the words of wisdom and the painful sting of tough love on my young teen aged face. What I’m saying is that I simply can’t comprehend a mind that can do such evil to other people and apparently have no sense of right or wrong and absolute zero conscience in doing these things. America, your in big trouble…

Ancient Sea Floor

During the Paleozoic era, the Mojave Desert was covered by a shallow sea, the photo above shows a section of an ancient shoreline pushed up on an angle due to plate tectonic movement over millions of years.

Looking around Red Rock Canyon you will also notice these ancient sea beds still laying horizontal with bright colored lines which are what’s left of ancient sand dunes. This link will give you tons of information on what the desert southwest once looked like millions of years ago. Click the photo.