The Pig Customer

Some of our customers are just jerks to put this politely. This guy has been a serious pain in the ass for the management team at my work for many months. He finally left yesterday but obviously didn’t fulfill his end of the contractual obligations laid out in the documents that were signed by him.

What you see here is just a small portion of the havoc left behind. Today was auction day at my facility, units that aren’t paid up eventually go to auction. I happened to be outside cleaning the grounds when the crowd that was there for the auction happened by, and saw the huge pile of garbage left outside by this idiot.

I later told my boss that when they saw this, I personally was embarrassed by this pile of garbage. It’s just not how our facility operates. I assured the auction attendees that this isn’t the way our facility usually looks.

Add to this, a trailer in the RV parking area that he had built a very half-ass shack apparently to be towed away and lived in someplace else. Flat tires, sheet rock screws, broken pieces of wood and such all around it.

The facility already has six paperwork processes in play to remove other piles of garbage parked in these RV spots. Rotting, rusted cars, RV trailers rotting away in the desert heat. This garbage was parked there before the current management team was installed, they are trying to get it removed, legally with the help of the higher-ups in the company of course.

The second indoor unit that he rented was far, far worse than the photo you see. Far more garbage left behind. You name it, it may just be in there someplace along with smelly empty bottles of beer and plenty of cigarette butts everywhere. Also, the simple light switches in either unit were removed and hot wired to the light sockets in the ceiling of each unit.

Another gross violation of contract which also rendered the electrical wiring in violation of local electrical codes. Seriously? Can you tell I’m a bit upset with this crap? I and the entire staff work very hard to maintain this facility to the very high standards set forth by the company’s top management.

I seriously dislike the disrespect and utter contempt of some people who believe they don’t have to live by the laws and rules of decent society. Thanks for letting me vent!


Since the ridiculous time change, the sun has topped the eastern mountains just that much later hence I snapped these great colors this morning when stopped at a light on the way to work. Sunny and eighty two today! By the way if your interested, my lower back is apparently back to 100%, feels fine! Such a blessing that I don’t need steroid injections.