It’s been eleven years since this tattoo was inked onto my body. Looking at it via my iPhone7 today and being photographed in natural light on my patio, it has indeed faded a bit as I suspected. The rose is blue per my request as blue is my favorite colour.

I’ve considered having the tat refreshed and if I do, the rose will become red. Have you ever seen a blue rose? I suppose they exist with custom breeding I’ve seen somewhere. Never be ashamed of your Christian faith!

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  1. My two best friends went to Germany quite a few years ago, and they both had a tattoo from the same parlor. Both contracted Hepatitis B from a dirty needle. Eddy died 3 years ago and Bob 2. I am sure most tattoo parlors are clean, but I will never ever have a tattoo…

    1. That’s very sad James, I’m sorry about your friends. That’s the one thing that scares me about having my tat redone. When mine was inked, the needle was taken from a sealed package, it was unused.

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