Thank You!

Fifty thousand views – I’ve been watching the numbers approach 50K for a few days now and I would like to say a warm thank you to all who’ve viewed my humble website for a good while now, all of you are very much appreciated!! May God bless all of you!


It’s been eleven years since this tattoo was inked onto my body. Looking at it via my iPhone7 today and being photographed in natural light on my patio, it has indeed faded a bit as I suspected. The rose is blue per my request as blue is my favorite colour.

I’ve considered having the tat refreshed and if I do, the rose will become red. Have you ever seen a blue rose? I suppose they exist with custom breeding I’ve seen somewhere. Never be ashamed of your Christian faith!

Eighty Two!

After leaving work today I was able to fully appreciate the beautiful day still underway as I write this. Considering the east coast’ snow storms and rain going on I feel blessed to be here in Las Vegas in terms of our wonderful climate.

A climate that is largely responsible for my decision to stay on at least one more year here, I love the city and the mountains that create Las Vegas Valley. As you see, I made a random pot-shot in getting this photo with the iPhone7 as I was heading north on the ninety five freeway! I do not recommend anyone do this! May the weather be as beautiful where you are today.