Random Street Photo

I took the loooong way home from work today, snapping several photos along the way. The previous post’s photo was taken while stopped at a traffic light. This one was too obviously. As a man from the flat-lands of Michigan, I find the juxtaposition of snow capped mountains above while driving along in 80 degree weather with the windows down a bit fascinating. Apologies for the redundancy of some of my photography!

Sunny And 82, Happy Palms!

Such a fabulous day out there, sunny and eighty two fabulous degrees! I’m pleased to report that I made it through my entire shift at work today without any back pain in any way, such a blessing! I sincerely hope this means that my herniated disc has lost the swelling and is returning to normal. I can’t handle the excruciating pain very well, it’s as though someone shoved a sharp knife into my lower back. Oh hell no. I hope it’s sunny where you are!