A totally irrelavant photo taken today with the Nikon – the dual band ham radio antenna on top my little car! The mountain the distance is called Gass Peak which is just under 7000 foot high.

Downtown Summerlin

I really love our Downtown Summerlin, it’s a collection of high end, medium and just regular stores of so many types, along with some really wonderful food and drinking establishments. Follow this link to learn more about our lovely downtown area here in beautiful Summerlin.

Having a super fine day today, my back is doing at least a bit better which is dandy as my boss called me this morning and asked me to come to work Monday which is usually one of my days off. I said OK. The trade-off is I’ll have three full days off coming this weekend!

So beautiful today, this is that time of year I think of as the Golden Days, days that you don’t need your heat or air conditioning running constantly. At this writing, my patio door is hanging open, it’s 110% sunshiny and a perfect eighty dry degrees here in Las Vegas. Yeah, I’m staying on at least another year here!

Photo via Nikon D3300 with a Prime Lens, cropped and colors adjusted.

Tiny & Spiny

One of the places I like to park at in my favorite canyon has several of these cactus growing around the parking area.  Any cactus can kick your ass but these smaller cacti known as Teddy Bear Cholla have one inch long spines along the entire length of each limb. A dangerous plant and not much like a Teddy Bear either! It’s beautiful here today, all sunshiny and 82 degrees!