Staying Home…

I had a bad time getting out of bed this morning but then felt better after an hour or so on the couch. I am hopeful the herniated discs will settle down on their own instead of needing another set of steroid injections. Not fun! Photo: iPhone7 and Prisma.

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    1. Thanks!! So far, no jabs. Going back to work today but am tender as hell. Hoping to just get through the day! This is the one medical issue that will force me into retirement, not that I object to that since it’s now affordable. Some days I ask myself why I’m working? Just to stay busy? Or?

      1. Keeping moving is better than staying still, so maybe if you didn’t work, you could do more physical stuff. I do exercise physiology twice a week. My pain goes through the roof, even with all the pain killers I am on, if I skip more than two weeks or so. It is fun and social too as instead of one on one sessions which I did for years, I now do it in a group.

        1. I noticed at work today that the more I moved, walked, things felt better. I am thinking that this will all settle down in a few days now. If not, I;m going to have to resign from my job and start using the workout room here in my apartment complex. I want to retire anyway but….

            1. I’m stuck home today Katherine, so much pain. I have emailed a local spine clinic asking for a consultation, possibly more steroid injection to settle the herniation down again. Can’t live like this, and seems likely the end of my job. So sad. So tired of the back issue.

              1. I understand your frustration John. Being in pain isn’t just coping with the agony. It is all the stuff it stops you doing and the frustration and the exhaustion. It is bloody tiring being in pain. I hope you get the appointment and some relief soon! ❌❤

                1. You said it spot on Katherine. I feel so wiped out from dealing with the pain. So frustrated. This just wipes everything else in your life aside doesn’t it… I’ll post about an appointment or not.

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