Dingy Doctor Office

Another snap with the iPhone7 in the doctor’s waiting room today. I used PhotoScape X to resize the image, and NIK to add the grunge. I waited almost one full hour after my scheduled appointment before Mr. Cardiologist came in. Grrrr…… Really? Isn’t a patient’s time worth something as well?

Jug Filler

There are several of these filtered water filling stations scattered around Las Vegas, they get plenty of use! Via my iPhone7 and the Lenka Black & White application.

Heart Art

While in the doctor office this afternoon I snapped this photo of a hand-drawn human heart. Great art! The author’s signature is on the drawing but rather small in this image.

Not sure I should post this really, not sure if it’s a copyright violation. If it were, I’d take it down immediately. Anyway, my cardiologists wants to run another test which I’m not so sure I really need.

Top that with the woman at the checkout window stating plainly that my insurance will cover only eighty percent of the test, leaving me to pay out of pocket several hundred dollars. Uhg.

Getting older is so costly but I can guarantee myself one thing – losing a good bit of weight will go a very long way in lowering my BP so I’m going to make one big change in my diet starting tomorrow.

I’m so tired of the blood pressure battle I could just about scream. At least my back is healing up relatively well…

I hold no copyright to this image…