Wet Tootsies

Being a Type Two diabetic, it’s in my best interest to keep the skin furthest from the old ticker in as good a shape as possible. Soaking your feet in hot or warm water with a good soap agent feels great and keeps the skin in top shape. I do this two to three times per week, and I despise having cold feet!!

Lumbar Let Go

After three years of being nearly pain free, at least one of the three herniated discs in my lower back has finally let go again. I was hooking up a trailer at work this morning when it let go and OMG did it hurt!

I had to clock out, get the cane out of the car which I always keep handy, and head home. I’m parked on my very comfy couch now and hoping that I can get back to work tomorrow but honestly, it doesn’t look good at the moment.

I’m going to attempt a trip to the store for a couple brews later today but for now I’m happy to be back home. Also, I’m waiting for a call from the Corporate office that owns this apartment complex. More barking dog issues.

This is the second time I’ve had to go over the head of local management here because nothing is being done about this crap. So now I’ve received an email back from Corporate asking for my phone number.

The main office here doesn’t know I changed my phone number to a bogus number in my website account with them, I don’t want to talk to them right now. We’ll see what happens now. Meanwhile, I’m going to enjoy my back pain. Tough way to get time off eh?