Just a corner of my apartment. The Ex and I purchased this very tall glass LED lamp in Flint, Michigan about five years ago. I haven’t turned the lamp off in months now. One by one, things from my married life and past expire and are removed… I strongly believe in being positive and moving on. We have no other choice but to move forward in life.


If you’ve been using WordPress for a very long time like I have, you’ve no doubt noticed that with the installation of WP 4.7 I think it is on the self-hosted side, the Justify button has been removed from your Admin/Editor. This grinds my gears.

Irritated, I had a lengthy text chat with a WP agent late today. This person stated in so many words that the button isn’t coming back anytime soon as it has something to do with WP self-hosted? The core code is basically the same for both the dot-com side as the self-hosted side.


This shouldn’t bother me so much I suppose but then at my age I don’t appreciate change so much. I view this as a step backward because to Justify my paragraphs to have them appear as blocks of well-aligned text, I now have to keep a small file on my desktop with the HTML code to insert!

I found the person I chatted with a bit cocky too, he/she seemed very smug about this, insisting that Justification is something of the past now which had me ask him/her if this is similar to certain CSS or HTML code being depricated over the last several years? That question wasn’t answered.

Good Lord, has the time come for me after well over ten years of being with to move away to another platform? They do exist, WordPress isn’t the only game in town to use a cliche’….


This is so sad. Las Vegas has so many homeless people, it’s such a sad thing. On my way home from work this early afternoon, I stopped at a usual spot to pick up a couple things and noticed this poor man either sleeping or just passed out from booze. I was concerned and went inside the business to find the manager on duty. I told the nice man what I’d seen outside.

He and an employee came outside and attempted to roust the man which was a difficult thing. I waited a few minutes before leaving to see if this man could be awoken. He moved a little bit but didn’t seem capable of waking up. I drove away feeling really sad for this poor man. On the short drive home, I prayed for him, asking the Lord to give this man direction.

My eyes became a bit wet. Driving around Las Vegas, I frequently see the homeless people begging for money or other things at many very busy intersections around the city. I don’t usually mention this nor take photographs of these people but I am deeply moved by what I see and feel such deep sorrow for these souls. Where I come from in Michigan, this is not common because of the very low population density in the countryside.

It’s so terribly ironic that so many homeless live in Las Vegas, many easily within sight of our Las Vegas Strip. And in a country that is presumably still the most advanced and wealthiest country on planet Earth. It’s just too damned complicated to pinpoint just what the real, core problems are in our American society but I certainly could make a bullet list in this space with my own two cents worth but I’ll spare you. Politics basically have no place here.

Well. I hope I haven’t made you feel depressed, that certainly isn’t my objective with this post. But as a Christian, I can say with all certainty that this country and of course planet Earth need the return of Christ our Lord.